NYC’s first light electric vehicle battery exchange network

New Yorkers are making the switch to light electric vehicles (LEVs) in droves

The transition away from cars is happening. Hundreds of thousands of LEVs (ebikes, escooters, etc) already roam the streets of NYC.

And they’re all equipped with batteries that need daily recharging.

But home charging is dangerous, riders are limited by range anxiety, and the minerals in the batteries are unethically sourced.

Popwheels has the solution: a battery exchange network

We want to power NYC’s extensive LEV fleet with standardized, swappable, safe, ethically sourced, and sustainable batteries.

We want to build a network of swapping stations, where subscribers can quickly and easily change out their depleted batteries for fully charged ones – all over the city.

Popwheels is the right company at the right time. We are ready to serve LEVs in NYC

Ten years ago, Popwheels’ founder Baruch Herzfeld became the first person to offer bike sharing in NYC, the “Traif Bike Geshelf.”

Fast forward to Popwheels, which started during the pandemic to help seniors maintain safe transportation options. While other micro-mobility services only consider a certain type of ultra-fit and active consumer, Popwheels thinks about all New Yorkers – from the essential workers who deliver our goods, to the seniors who need to get to medical appointments.

Our community-first approach, and our empathy and inclusiveness, will be the keys to our success.

Baruch Herzfeld
Founder and CEO